Easy PR & Media Training Session

Thursday 9th  12pm: Find out how to connect to journalists and secure media coverage across TV, radio and print’


10am Wednesday 29th July 2020

with Rachael Taplin



  • 12pm UK

Thursday, 9th July
12 noon UK Time

This event is perfect for you if you are new to Media Matchmaker & PR and you are looking to fast track your connections to journalists.

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During this LIVE training event, you will find out:

  • 1

    How you can connect to journalists across the sectors you want to reach e.g. business, health, lifestyle, retail etc

  • 2

    How you can connect to journalists across all media outlets such as radio, TV, print, trade, influencers etc

  • 3

    How to send out unlimited emails and press releases to reach journalists who are looking for articles, stories and expert comments

  • 4

    How to get access to journalist’s social media contact details so that You become known as the go to person and expert in your field

  • 5

    How PR agencies connect to journalists easily and see how you can have unlimited access to the same information