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Festival of Enterprise PR & Media Training

Secure your LIVE TV Interview as the Expert Guest At Festival Of Enterprise 23rd & 23th October 2019

Showcase your expertise as a business leader and expert. 

You have decided you want to position yourself as a thought leader and industry expert. You see the importance of raising the profile of your business or service to a larger audience.

Why You Should Secure Your TV Interview With Business Connections Live:

  • You're positioned as an industry expert Demonstrates you are an industry expert.
  • You can promote your personal brand Allows you to tell your brand’s success story.
  • Part of your social media campaigns Powerful content for Social Media campaigns.
  • Create compelling media for press Content can be repurposed for press releases.
  • Your Video improves SEO Embed the programme on your website for better SEO.
  • Introduce yourself to new clients The ultimate video calling card for new prospects.
  • Social Media Radio, Television Can be used as part of a cross-media broadcast campaign.
  • Broadcast opportunities Raises your profile and brand to other broadcasters.
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