National Storytelling Week
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29th January - 5th February

National Storytelling Week is a campaign created by the Society for Storytelling hoping to get us to share our own stories and show the difference between reading and storytelling. 

We are looking for experts and case studies that can help journalists across radio, national print, and online to talk about National Storytelling Week.

We are the media-bridge that works with UK journalists who access our platform to secure experts, articles, and case studies.

For this campaign we are speaking to:

120 Journalists for National Newspapers including The Daily Telegraph, The Guardian, The Observer, and The Sunday Telegraph.

114 Radio Producers across National BBC stations such as BBC Radio 2, 4, 6

35 Online Influencers

We will be sending profiles over to these journalists so they can feature this national event as a news story.

Please register your profile if you feel you can help with this story and would like to secure media coverage.

You can read more about the event below!

We are looking for up to 20 expert sources!

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The media are always on the look our for new sources and stories. National Awareness and Celebration days receive media coverage across all media outlets such as TV, radio, print, and online. We would love to connect you to UK journalists if you can comment on National Storytelling Week.

Step 1: Create Your Profile

Add your profile details to Media Matchmaker and include a list of topics that you can talk about, including this national event.

Our journalists will search by sector, location, and keyword.

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Step 2: Profiles will be sent to journalists

We will send over our profiles that have registered their details for this national day along with our current experts that can help.

Journalists can then search our media database for this national day and get access to expert sources.

Step 3: Journalists will search for you

Profile search results will be shown in order of media passes. All profiles will show in the search results (so if you are the only expert for this event, you will show up first!)

Access All Areas Media Pass profiles will feature as highly recommend

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Step 4: Journalists will be in touch

If your profile fits with what they are looking for, you will be send a direct message or we will contact you to see if you can help them.

Good Luck!

What is National Storytelling Week?

National Storytelling Week was conceived in the 2000 to increase public awareness of the art, practice, and value of oral storytelling. It's held during the first week of February every year. This week was chosen because it's not too close to Christmas, but coincides with Candlemas, which falls on the 2nd of February. Part of the rituals for this old church festival includes a blessing on the throat, a prime tool in the store of nearly all storytellers of every belief and culture.

The Society for Storytelling provides advice on organising and publicising events and possible sources for funding information. They publish the Directory of Storytellers, which provides information on over 150 storytellers throughout the UK. They also have a link page on our website to publicise events, promote networking, and encourage the sharing of information and ideas. 

They also work to promote storytelling events, storytelling in schools, libraries, museums, and art galleries, encouraging us to spread the magical word. 

Why promote storytelling?

Storytelling is at the root of every art form: we think in story form, make sense of our world in narrative – from something we’ve seen, through last night’s television, to what family and folk stories we remember and retell. Performance storytelling can be a powerful experience, both entertaining and moving. Story is also the traditional medium of communication from generation to generation, a tool for education and therapy. 

Stories belong to everyone... what's your story?

 working with:

Frequently Asked Questions

How quickly do I need to reply?

We post the request ahead of time if we are actively looking for expert profiles to support a national day so our journalists have more choice. Therefore, you will have a few days to create your profile at least.

Do I have to pay to get featured?

There is a free media pass option you can register called 'Starter Media Pass'. Or, as a new member, you can secure a 'Backstage Media Pass' free for 30 days and get featured higher in any search results! All profiles are available for our journalists to find and when you add your keywords relating to this national event, you will show up in the search results.

Can I turn down a media interview?

Yes of course, if you feel the media interview isn't right for you, you can turn down the interview. However, please be reassured that all our journalists can search by specific keyword and read your profile in full before they contact you, so it should be a perfect media match.

If I secure a media interview, is there any guidance on how to prepare?

Yes, if you have a Backstage or Access All Areas Media Pass you can also get full access to all of our media training and journalist interviews, plus all of our templates, tips, and tools to secure ongoing PR success.

Are there any other national days I can get featured for?

There are over 400 national and international celebration days. You can access all of these if you have a Backstage Media Pass (register for a 30 day free trial today!) or an Access All Areas Media Pass.

Sounds too good to be true!
What's the catch?

There is no catch, we have created Media Matchmaker to support busy journalists as much as we want to support our organisations. By pitching in profiles and national events, it makes their day easier and you get featured in the media - win win!

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