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Get On Air Ready And Secure Your In-Depth Radio Interview With Janey Lee Grace


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    In-depth radio interview with Janey Lee Grace

    Your interview time and date will be agreed in advance and this will include up to 40 minutes on a one 2 one with Janey over Zoom (this will be a quick chat and then diving into your radio interview). This will be recorded as if it was a live radio interview and Janey will make sure she asks the questions to highlight your story and business.

  • 2

    Radio Media Training

    Before you have your radio interview you will have access to your full radio media training (see below). This will make sure you are 100% confident and ready for your radio interview.

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    Bonus: Media list of up to 200 journalists across Radio, TV, print and online

    We will create a bespoke media list perfect for you. You will have chance to tell us where you would like to be featured and what sectors you are targeting along with if you are looking for local, regional or national coverage across radio, TV, print or online.

Secure Your Radio Interview & Media Training Only £395

Limited Spots Available

Why You Should Secure Your Radio Interview With Janey Lee Grace:

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    You're positioned as an industry expert

  • 2

    You will have chance to share your story in your in-depth interview

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    You can leverge your radio interview and send the recording out to your customers and prospects

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    You can add your radio interview to your press page to encourage future media interviews

Secure Your Radio Interview & Media Training Only £395

Limited Spots Available

What you will learn with your radio media training


Introduction, Media Training & Top Tips

  • How to get prepared ahead of any interviews
  • Different styles of radio interviews
  • How to do your research so you know the angle of the interview and what’s expected of you
  • How to find out how long the interview is
  • How the journalist will credit you and how you tell them how you want to be credited
  • What the rules of getting promoted on radio are
  • What annoys presenters and producers and what not to do
  • How to sound in your radio interview, what voice techniques to remember
  • How to prepare your content and presentation
  • How to rehearse ahead of your radio interview
  • Pitch, Pace, Pause and Power
  • Considering sound quality if being interviewed remotely
  • What equipment to consider for your radio interview
  • How the audience can pick up on background noise and how you help make your interview flow
  • How to answer questions with purpose
  • How your radio interview is like a tennis match
  • What to do if the presenter has not done their research
  • How to keep the interview focused to your agenda
  • How to acknowledge and cover off your own key messages
  • How to prepare your key messages and supporting points
  • When you can mention your key messages
  • What’s your action point and how to make sure you use it
  • What to do if the interview goes off onto a tangent
  • How to keep your radio interview positive to your brand and story
  • How to prepare for negative questions
  • Why your radio interview is not an exam and how to make sure you can answer tricky questions in advance.
  • How to acknowledge and move on
  • How to approach radio producers
  • How newsrooms find and search for commentators
  • How to make it super clear what you do so you can be found for radio interviews
  • How to help yourself get found for radio interviews
  • How to radio producers them to save your press releases and introductory email
  • How often to approach radio producers
  • When it’s a good time to be proactive with radio producers and pitch your expertise
  • What not to do when working with journalists
  • How to get the right type of photo for journalists

What to prepare for your interview with Janey

  • How Janey will promote your work and your message during your interview
  • Why your interview will be recorded ‘as live’ with Janey
  • How we will edit the interview for you and how the audio will be sent to you
  • How you will chat to Janey for a short while ahead of your interview
  • How long to expect to be interviewed for
  • How you will have the opportunity to get your key messages across
  • Why your interview will be fun so enjoy it
  • You could have the opportunity for Janey to share your interview on her radio show.


Module 1: Get your Bio and introduction email ready

  • Keep your introduction simple and clear
  • What we need as journalists to introduce you
  • Keep it relevant to the interview
  • How to keep your intro focused to your USP
  • How to position yourself as the expert
  • How to stop the presenter making mistakes
  • What do you want to be known for
  • Write your name phonetically if you need to
  • Back announced, how do you want to be back credited at the end
  • Take you time to get this right and test your intro and back credit



Module 2: Who are you and what is your story

  • Why are you being interviewed and what’s your USP
  • Sharing your personal story if you have one
  • What are relevant personal stories and it’s OK if you do not have a personal story
  • How to give a story colour or an angle
  • Who are you, what’s the bit that only YOU can offer
  • How to make the emotional connection
  • How to use customer stories or testimonials
  • What’s your why?
  • Keep your story short, more than two short paragraphs



Module 3: Key messages and supporting message

  • How to get what you need out of this interview
  • How to make the interview as a conversation with a purpose
  • What’s the key message/angle you want to talk about
  • Think about your one key message
  • Your key message is your responsibility so write it down
  • Prepare up to 3-4 supporting messages
  • Make them really clear, write them down in the form of a question
  • How BBC interviews could work and how to provide your key messages to the producer in advance
  • If you have a unknown topic or business make sure you can describe it in a main stream way
  • Enjoy your interview
  • Submitting your interview details and fixing your time and once its confirmed
  • Structure of the interview
  • Closing message from Janey
Secure Your Radio Interview & Media Training Only £395

Once you secure your radio interview by adding your payment details you will receive your confirmation email with full details on how to get prepared for your interview and when your interview will take place. Once an interview time and date is agreed this will be fixed in the diary so you can add this to your diary as outlined within our Terms and Conditions *