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Media Matchmaker will be launching very soon following years of success helping entrepreneurs and organisations secure publicity with our sister company BlueBoo Media. We are building the UK's largest expert database for Journalists, Media Outlets & Influencers who are on tight deadlines and often under resources and need help with ongoing articles, stories and expert comments.  Register your free profile today and you will get access to our private Facebook group so you can start Media Matchmaking and be ready for when we do go LIVE.

PLEASE NOTE there is no cost to registering your profile, we need organisations, experts, journalists and bloggers across ALL industry sectors and regions. Once you register and when we go LIVE you can choose the media pass right for you. In addition to registering your profile we will also offer organisations, businesses and entrepreneurs ongoing publicity hints, tips and tricks. We hope you love being part of our community and look forward to helping you with your publicity success.

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About Rachael Taplin CEO BlueBoo Media & Media Matchmaker

Adapting Traditional Publicity & Media Solutions with Innovative Technology Whilst Connecting The UK Media & Journalists To Businesses & Entrepreneurs.

Rachael Taplin has always been a high performer. She is a well-known businesswoman and entrepreneur; her determination is commended and respected at the highest levels and she has been recognized as one of the top 50 UK Inspirational Women in the UK.

Since 2012 Rachael has dedicated her time as The Media Matchmaker, successfully training and helping thousands entrepreneurs and business owners to be inspired to use PR and secure publicity for themselves whilst also connecting them direct to the UK media and journalists.

Rachael has launched the UK’s first Journo Request service and Media Database dedicated to Business Owners and Entrepreneurs connecting them to the UK media, Journalists and UK Media Influencers. She is now focusing on building the largest database of experts for Journalists to access as a free resource.

Rachael has achieved her own personal media exposure within local, regional and national press, on radio and TV, she has also appeared within most of the national glossy magazines and has worked with lots of well known celebrities, so it’s safe to say she knows what’s she’s talking about.