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Media has changed dramatically.
How we consume the news has changed dramatically.
Journalists have adapted and evolved.
Have you?

Being a member of the Media Matchmaker Club will not only bring you up to speed with how journalists are working in 2022; you will also have all the tools you could possibly need to get into your PR stride and connect to specific media within your sector.

You will have FULL access to:

  • Journalists Interviews & Media Training

    Access to our vault of journalist & media training interviews, insights, and updates, so you know exactly how to approach the media to secure ongoing publicity.

    You will learn how to handle interviews, how to speak to the journalists and presenters, how to mention your website without it sounding like a sales plug, how to get into the journalists’ little black book for future interviews, how to be considered as the expert, how to get on radio, etc.

    Plus lots more.

  • PR Tool Kit

    Access to simple, step by step guidelines, cheat sheets and pr and media training. Strategies for you to implement to be PR ready and appealing to UK journalists.

    *Templates, Guidelines and Examples for: Press Releases, Bio Sheets, Q&A Sheets, Press Packs
    *Understanding Traditional & Digital PR & The Job Of The Journalists
    *Media Training & Industry Updates
    *How to Position Yourself as The Expert and Influencer Within Your Sector

    And more!

  • PR BluePrint...How you can secure thousands of £££ worth of publicity PROVEN

    You will find out the exact steps that were taken to create a PR campaign that generated tens of thousands of pounds from one press release. This resulted in PR coverage on 70 radio stations of which 15 were live interviews, plus national, regional and local press coverage.

  • Headline Generator

    Your headline is the most important part of your press release, you need to grab the attention of the journalist, never get stuck for idea’s on how to create a compelling headline with this link to a headline generator. Use is for your marketing copy also!

  • Media Planner List of National Awareness & Celebration Days

    There are over 400 national awareness & celebration days. Get access to this media planner and find out how you can create PR off the back of them by making your own campaigns.

  • Introductory Emails To Journalists That Generate PR Success

    Access our introductory emails and templates that have generated massive success, securing articles, interviews, and requests to be a regular contributor. REAL member examples, AND see the replies from 11 journalists in response to just one email from one of our members, and other journalist replies!

  • Bonus: Access PR & Media Training Masterclasses

    Join and access all of our PR & Media training masterclasses, see LIVE PR strategies shared with our Media Matchmaker Club members. These sessions are themed with such topics as forward planning your PR, building your brand, how to approach journalists, how to be multimedia ready, and many more!

  • Bonus: Join our private Media Matchmaker Facebook Group

    Be part of our MM community with our Facebook group. Share stories, requests, and updates on your PR journey.

  • Bonus: Three months FREE membership to Daily PR Leads.

    Secure publicity with PR leads from journalists looking for help with stories, articles and expert comments TODAY.

Only £995 +VAT

Hi, I’m Rachael Taplin.

If you’re an entrepreneur or SME business owner, I have some important news for you. What’s more, this could without doubt, be one of the most important messages you ever read.

You see, through years of running my own businesses, I’ve become an expert in promoting myself and the value my businesses offer by creating high impact Press Release campaigns.

In fact, I’ve attracted large numbers of new clients and generated masses of previously untapped profit for myself and my clients for FREE. And now I’d like to show you how you can do exactly the same.

Here’s the problem...

Over the years, I’ve noticed most businesses find it tremendously hard to stand out from the crowd and attract high volumes of great clients to fuel increased profits.

You see, most small and medium size businesses struggle with...

    • Insufficient supply of high quality prospects
    • Low volumes of new clients
    • Erratic cash flow
    • High marketing costs
    • Ineffective marketing strategies
    • Inconsistent marketing returns

Also, many businesses find it hard to run an effective PR campaign, because...

    • They can’t afford the agency fees
    • They have no journalist contacts
    • They don’t have a successful, proven PR blueprint to follow
    • They find it impossible to come up with interesting stories and angles which will get published

Does that sound like your business?

Jacqui Baker

Within 5 minutes of sending an email to targeted journalists, I secured a meeting with the BBC Radio Solent. Then within a few hours, The Echo asked if I was interested in being a weekly columnist; James Preece asked to sit on a podcast with him; Global Love Reports want an article; BBC Yorkshire is currently lining up an interview. The best response I had would be the Sun Newspaper Fab Supplement wanting an exclusive interview – I had all these responses within 24 hours. It’s already paid for itself I don’t know how many times over!

Jacqui Baker Select Connections

Here’s what I discovered...

In my early days in business I quickly realised that to attract more prospects, get great clients and secure premium fees, I had to really stand out from the crowd. The problem was, I had very little idea how to do it.

Back then, I’d created a magazine and website called ‘Mums in Control’. This was the first ever magazine dedicated to working mums. Our aim was to help working mums achieve a great work-life balance.

From day one, I knew I was going to franchise my business model, with franchisees printing local editions around the UK, distributed free of charge to schools, nurseries, businesses, community centres, in fact, anywhere you would find working mums!

In each edition we’d interview inspirational celebrities (each, of course, was a working mum) such as Lorraine Kelly, Sarah Beeny, Dannii Minogue, and Melinda Messenger. At the magazine's peak, we had a print run of 250,000 copies per issue, so we were larger than some of the national parenting titles.

Mums in Control was going really well and I wanted to explore PR to help raise the credibility of the magazine and indeed raise my own personal profile.

The truth is…

Back then, I believed PR was something you had to have an agent for and certainly wasn’t something I could do myself. I was recommended to a PR agency in London and agreed to pay their fee of £1,500 a month.  They made no promises of results or media coverage they could secure.

'It’s all about the contacts', they told me!

To be fair, in the six months I used them, they did come good and actually secured me a TV interview with Lorraine Kelly on GMTV (now GMB), plus a small feature in Essentials magazine.

Then one day...

I discovered the secret of how agencies get all their contacts! This literally transformed my perception of PR in an instant – THE light bulb moment.

Here’s what happened...

One day, the PR agency emailed me to see if I’d like to be interviewed by the Daily Mail. They were running a feature on franchising and wanted to speak to a franchise expert.

When I took a look at their email, the PR account manager had simply forwarded on the email the Daily Mail had sent to her. Guess what it showed me? It revealed exactly who wanted to interview me.

I instantly realised...

The PR agency was subscribing to a service which sends media requests from journalists to PR agencies every single day.  Journalists are constantly searching for help with stories or expert comments.

The truth is...

PR companies keep this a closely guarded secret, so business owners and entrepreneurs have to pay their £1,500 per month agency fees rather than subscribing to a media request service and cutting out the middleman.

I also learned there are two ways you can secure media coverage

  1. You can approach the media yourself
  2. You can get the media to come to you.

I’m going to share with you how you can easily do both!

Danny Greeves

I started with an introductory email to my local radio station. They invited me onto the show and I was on for about 15 minutes – that was great. I then messaged them a month later with a different idea, so then I went back on the show for more of a discussion / panel aspect, which was good fun. I’ve also had another turn on the same radio station but with a different presenter and they’ve said I can come back next month! If I think back 8 months with the idea that I’ve been on the radio 3 times talking and chatting casually, that would’ve felt way further away than I thought it would be. But actually, within a couple of emails to the right people, I got on the radio quickly!

Danny Greeves Danny Greeves Coaching


I decided to get off my backside and create my very own PR campaign without the ‘help’ (or cost) of an agency, by going straight to the journalists who wanted my story. Guess what happened...

Within just 45 days I had secured...

  • 70 radio interviews
  • Local and national press coverage
  • A torrent of great new clients, and...
  • £32,345 in my bank account – almost overnight!

Wouldn't that sort of PR result be useful for your business?

But, there’s another problem...

It’s not enough just to know which journalists want your stories and tips. need to know exactly how to present your content to make them instantly usable and appealing to the journalists and publications. Get this right and you’re virtually guaranteed to get published!

That’s why...

I’ve created Media Matchmaker Club.

Media Matchmaker Club is an online PR training resource, which gives your business the precise step-by-step formula to:

  • Craft your own HIGH IMPACT Press Releases
  • Find the journalists who want your stories – now!
  • Get featured in print, TV, radio, and online
  • Develop relationships with your target journalists
  • Create and build your personal & business brand

Here’s what you’ll find in the club...

  1. How to quickly get started creating your PR campaign
    • Discover the 3 essential steps to guarantee your message gets published
  2. The PR Blueprint
    • How to easily secure massive media results every time
    • The 6 step PR success formula
    • Key survey questions – just cut and paste!
    • Proven PR examples for you to follow
  3. The PR Tool Kit
    • Essential PR guidelines – make the journalist’s life easy and they’ll publish you every time
    • Step-by-step fool proof guide to writing great Press Releases, Bio sheets, Q&A reports, and introductory emails
    • Exactly what to do when a journalist actually approaches you and requests content
    • Every possible distribution option outlined and explained
  4. Media Training
    • How to get featured on TV
    • How to get national press coverage
    • How to get national magazine exposure
    • Radio producer & presenter ‘top tips’
    • PR expert ‘insider secrets’
  5. 47 ‘off-the-shelf’ PR ideas
    • Never again struggle to know what to put in your PR articles. I’ve brought together 47 tried and tested PR ideas, so you don’t have to think of a thing. Just pick an idea and follow the PR tool kit.
  6. Headline Generator
    • The secret to getting great attention is to open with a powerful headline. The problem is, most people find this one of the most difficult parts of the whole process. So, to easily get you round this annoying obstacle, I’ve included a fantastic headline generator tool, which will do all the hard work for you.
  7. National Days Event Calendar
    • Access to over 400 National Awareness & Celebration Days you can use to create campaigns and publicity
    • An example of a National Day created by CEO and Founder of Media Matchmaker, Rachael Taplin
Janet Milner-Walker

I sent out my intro email to the consumer press, to some blogs, to trade publications, and so far I’ve had about 7 confirmations for articles! Some of the journalists have come back to me and they actually want me to write on a regular basis for them focussing on beauty – some are consumer, some are trade as well, so it’s been fantastic. I was surprised at how easy it could be and I actually started getting quite concerned about whether I’d have the time to do all of them! It’s an easy way to start a conversation with a journalist.

Janet Milner-Walker Bespoke Advantage
Catherine Sutton

I sent my intro email to the evening standard and the lady was actually writing the article at the time, so I got to put in a quote. She’s writing a series as well so I’m going to go back to her and see what other articles there might be. The telegraph were also interested – they’re going to do a feature article, and the independent have suggested I might do an opinion piece, so I’m going back to them to get more details on that!

Catherine Sutton Airborne Allergy Action C.I.C.
Only £995 +VAT