Media Database

Media Database Overview

Trusted by thousands of communications and media professionals, our database connects you with the most in-depth influencer intelligence so you can identify the right people to get the right message to ensure the success of your story.

You can access this Media Database with your Access All Area's Media Pass. Only £150 per month for a 12 month membership. You could generate you literally tens of thousands of pounds worth of publicity.

Target the most relevant print, broadcast and online journalists who can mobilise your story.
Access the industry’s most comprehensive media database, which contains over 80 000 journalist profiles, outlets and opportunities.

Get started today with our 100% satisfaction guarantee. When you join we will call you to book a One2One PR strategy zoom meeting to find out more and make sure the media database could be right for you. During this call if you feel the media database isn't quite right for you you will not be locked in to the 12 month membership, instead your media pass we be updated to a Backstage Media Pass and you will be allocated 12 months access (value up to £348) just for your initial commitment of £150 + VAT.