Helping You Build Your Personal Brand
By Podcast Guesting 

Media Matchmaker will help thought leaders, authors and founders build their personal brand and reach new audiences as a podcast guest. 

  • Podcast Guests Can:

Join as a guest to our upcoming event 'How to secure podcast interviews and be the perfect guest' May 26th 1oam where you will also get change to pitch your story to our podcast hosts.

During the event we will also share with you:

  • Register your profile so podcast hosts can search and find you by your expertise
  • Recieve requests to be a podcasts guest
  • Reach new audiences and potential customers that are already established and loyal
  • Access interviews on how to be the perfect podcast guest and how to approach podcast hosts
  • Every podcast you are a guest on gives you content that you can share across your social networks. Bulding your personal brand to your existing network and creating social proof for your thought leadership status.
  • Podcasts Hosts Can:
  • Search for podcasts guests by their expertise saving time
  • Post requests for podcasts guests for new, exciting content
  • Profile yourself as a podcast host to feature on other podcasts shows and widen your own network and reach

We are now LIVE, register your details to get started.

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